Uploading images with ThunderScript


Alternative way to upload images with CoreUI is to use ThunderScript interface, instead uploading them directly with form.

First method, most common is to use image upload form described here and pass direct link to the image.

To use alternate way, go to the Dashboard in CoreUI and find on the right side ThunderScript api. Make sure, that your cloud has ThudenrScript extension. This is empty text box with Call button. Start typing script name and you should get some hints: Select one of scripts, like image-upload:debian and click Call button. New image should appear soon in your images list.

You can get list of thunder scripts at our website: Thudner script. Each script you execute make series of calls to cloud to prepare your resources. You can also use it with command line parser.

< Go back     Author: Maciej Nabozny Published: Oct. 15, 2016, 7:26 a.m.