Node Configuration


You should successfully go through the CoreCluster installation guide before starting this tutorial.

The Computing Node package doesn't require a lot of additional configuration. The only thing you can do is to set default values of memory, cpu and hard disk shared by node with whole cloud. Additionally you can adjust networking settings.

Whole node configuration is stored in /etc/corenode/ file on each node.


This variable is used to authenticate all calls from Computing Node to the Cluster Interface (CI) at Management Node. It should be filled during installation with random string. Don't change value after node is registered in CoreCluster database.


Set to False to disable node automatic registration after the corenode service is started. It should be False in production environments.


This variables define initial values of cpu, memory and hard drive space shared with cloud. It is used only to register node in CoreCluster via Autodiscover.


Account name used to connect and manage node. In CoreCluster Cloud all nodes have no daemons and are very light. Whole management is done through SSH by this account. Don't change untill you are not expert!


Database connection strings. Node uses the logs database. Setting this to invalid value may cause no logs from node.


Random string used to identify logs from node.


Installed on node applications. You can use it to enable some extensions.

Reloading configuration

To reload configuration restart whole system or restart node service:

sudo service corenode restart

This will cause remounting all storages again and internal node checks done by CoreCluster Management

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