Defining hardware templates


Before starting, you should define at least one hardware template for your virtual machines. Each template defines the size of virtual machines created with this definition. Template describes how much CPU and memory should be shared from Computing Node with new virtual machine. It also defines maximum size of VM's hard drive.

Log into the Administrator's panel and find Templates at the main screen: and find add new Template, by clicking + next to the Templates.

Create new template

Enter name and description of your template. Next, set the amount of CPU available for this template and do the same with memory. Hdd parameter defines maximum size of basic hard disk image for virtual machines made with this template. Points value might be useful if you are accounting usage of cloud resources. All other parameters might be default.

At the bottom of page click Save button.

Check your template in CoreUI

Your template should be now available in Hardware Templates section, in CoreUI interface:

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