Defining storages


To allow your users storing disk images in your cloud you should define at least one storage. Usually this is an NFS share from Management Node, separate Storage Node or dedicated storage array. In the simplest configuration just use NFS share from your Management Node.

Installing NFS server

To install nfs server, call following command:

sudo apt-get install nfs-kernel-server

Then edit file /etc/exports and add following line:

/storage 10.0.0.*(rw,sync,no_subtree_check)

You can change the 10.0.0.* to other addressation according to your network. Each node in cloud should have access to this share.

Next, create the /storage directory and change permissions to it:

mkdir /storage
chmod 777 /storage

Permissions 777 are not good idea in production environments. You can set full access privileges for cloudover and libvirt users at all your nodes.

Adding storage to CoreCluster

Log into the Administrator's panel and find Storages at the main screen: and click + Add next to the Storages.

Create new storage

Enter name, address and directory of your storage. In above example we've created /storage directory, to the same directory is used in Administration panel. All other parameters might be default.

At the bottom of page click Save button.

Mount storage and check it

Your storage should be ready now. Call action Unlock and mount on it, in the Storage list, in administration panel: After few seconds storage should be listed in mount points at each Computing Node and Management Node:

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