Adding nodes to CoreCluster


So, you've probably installed CoreCluster management node and at least one computing node. Now, it is time to add your node to the CoreCluster's database.

It is highly probable, that your node(s) is already added into the database by the autodiscover mechanism. This is a tool, which should automatically find all nodes in your network. By default, your CoreCluster cloud and all nodes are configured to enable this behavior. Log in to the Administrator's panel and check if there is your node in not-confirmed state:

If it is present, then tick your node and select Enable action above the list. After this action your node's state will be offline for a moment. Enable action will mount all storages and perform some initial checks on your node. Finally, state should be ok

Production environments

In production environments autodiscover should be disabled due to security reasons. Not every machine should be able to add itself to database automatically. Described above step requires administrator's action to confirm if node is known and trusted.

Once node is enabled and confirmed, corenode service restart could be necessary. On each start compute node requests from management node set of configuration files and confirms its presence in cloud.

Modify node's parameters

Once node was added it is strongly recommended to adjust its capabilities. Select your node at list

and scroll to the CPU, memory and hdd parameters:

This values define what amount of resources will be shared by node with cloud. You can assign more CPUs than is available at node. However the HDD and memory should not be set to more than node has. You should also remember, that node needs some memory for its own operating system. HDD parameter defines how much disk space could be used to store virtual machine images. This is not the same as the storage.

When node is saved it usualy is in not-confirmed state. You should enable it again, by selecting enable action in nodes list.

< Go back     Author: Maciej Nabozny Published: Jan. 7, 2017, 8:36 p.m.