CoreCluster command line interface for Administrator


CoreCluster provides simple interface to manage resources and task queue. This is usefull especially for debugging purposes and for finding defects.

Virtual machines

To list virtual machines with CLI, use following command:

sudo cc-manage vm list
You can also use different actions for vm. Most usefull is erase which cancels all tasks related to given VM id and starts remove procedure with ignoring all errors (like not present disks)

By default, CoreCluster stores information about all closed virtual machines in your database. To remove those virtual machines, use following command:

sudo cc-manage vm cleanup


To list storages use following command:

sudo cc-manage storage list
This should list all your storages with states, addresses and mount points. To enable particular storage in your system (it means mount everywhere, on management and all nodes) execute:
sudo cc-manage storage unlock STORAGE_UUID
or to lock storage:
sudo cc-manage storage lock STORAGE_UUID


Another useful action available with cc-manage tool is the node action. Use it to list and manage your nodes:

sudo cc-manage node list
To enable particular node, execute:
sudo cc-manage node enable NODE_UUID
and to disable it:
sudo cc-manage node disable NODE_UUID
The node action also supports node checks:
sudo cc-manage node check NODE_UUID

Task listing

Most important part of cc-manage is part related to task queue. This is main tool to manage tasks in your cluster. To list tasks, execute:

sudo cc-manage task list
This should print all tasks and state, types and actions for each of them. To print information about particular task execute:
sudo cc-manage task info TASK_UUID
Or to dump task's json:
sudo cc-manage task dump TASK_UUID
You can also cancel particular task:
sudo cc-manage cancel TASK_UUID
it means, that task will get state canceled and it will not lock queue for other tasks. With cc-manage you can also remove tasks:
sudo cc-manage task delete failed
sudo cc-manage task delete TASK_UUID
sudo cc-manage task delete all
The last command removes all tasks from queue, without respect to its state.

If your installation is configured to save all done tasks in queue, you can remove them by:

sudo cc-manage task cleanup


The cc-admin could be used to migrate database after upgrading or enabling new extensions. This is wrapper for standard Django django-admin tool. To migrate your database, execute:

sudo cc-admin migrate
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