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About project

cloudover.org project is a cloud computing challenge to create simple and scalable open source platform for IaaS cloud environments. It is sponsored mainly by cloudover.io company. This goal was achieved in 16.01 release, with stable support of all main parts of cloud: storage, networking and virtualization. At this time project is instabilization phase – no new functionalities are implemented in CoreCluster module and new extensions are created.

Next milestone for our project is to create fully decentralized cloud in P2P architecture. We want to use technologies known from Bitcoin and X509 PKI to remove any single point of management. Whole cloud is going to be large blob of shared resources, managed from any point of whole infrastructure.

Support us!

We are happy to get any kind of support. We are looking for talented DevOps and Python developers to contribute into our open source software.

We are also looking for financial support from business and organizations interested in our project. We need to cover costs of hardware required to develop and test CoreCluster software.

It is possible to support us by purchasing some of our tools, dedicated for educational purposes. Find cloudover’s products at Amazon.

Our team


I’m graduate of Jagiellonian University in Cracow and at present I’m making PhD thesis. Every day I dal with biology research and animal care. In my free time, I develop CloudOver and from time to time participate in many conferences and workshops, also as prelegent.


I’m graduate of Cracow University of Technology. Since 2009 I am working on large scale cloud computing systems. I was one of technical architects in Cracow Cloud One project. At this time, I work for CloudOver together with Marta.

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